Martina Gsoels


My Mission and Vision



I am convinced. We can make it easier, better and just simple.

This is my SOUL.



Everything I am doing

is based on my values.

This is my FLY.



I take my responsibility

for my actions.

This is my added VALUE.

Unternehmensberaterin zertifizierte Digitalberaterin Digital now KMU-Digital

Your personal business coach

I will be at your side helping you to build your company step by step and create the basis for successful growth and improved efficiency. As you move forward, I will be your well of optimism and positive energy and open up new horizons.


I believe that openness, an unconventional approach and dynamic perseverance can be an exceptional growth engine for any corporate structure and I am here to guide you.

Work style

For me, new tasks are a game that must be won and together we will pick the most pressing challenges and develop the most appropriate strategies to address them.


My motto is “do more with less” to enable a smooth and efficient change, improve the potential for innovation and provide a stable base for future challenges. Guided by the slogan “as much as necessary, as little as possible’’, we will work with efficiently to ensure change is achieved by the shortest possible path.

The world belongs to the brave!

Change as a mandate

Constant change is growth. Business development is a process and the sooner you solve a problem the faster you move ahead. As Entrepreneur be yourself the leader of change.


This is what I am there for, to help and train you to pinpoint the problem, deal with it and move forward – effortlessly.


The focus of SOUL4BIZZ is to be there for you. As you shift and change in small, coordinated steps I will be help you adapt and get organised.


Our common goal is to keep the motivation going and, the enthusiasm high. How? With regular lunch or breakfast meetings to keep track of what’s going on and make sure the company keeps chugging along.



Business consultancy

As a project manager, I built up a large number of international companies and implemented different projects. This included company formations, conclusion deals, setting up company structures and creating an information base for stakeholders and investors.

Legal basis

As a fully qualified in-house legal counsel, I have profound knowledge of the challenges companies face in an international environment and understand the legal basis with which to manage them.

Actually acting as Privacy Office (GDPR) in a NGO-Organisation.

Private sector

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in different industries  in various stages of development. This gave me the opportunity to discover and implement many different creative solutions that allowed companies to grow within a stable organizational structure.

  • Doctorate degree in law (copyright law)
  • Court internship
  • Law studies (one semester in France)
  • University course in tourism administration,
    marketing and convention businesses
  • Course in agriculture and forestry
  • Commercial School
Additional qualification
  • Project management
  • Business coaching
    (systemic and psychodynamic approach of business psychology)
  • NLP practitioner and C-More Communication (based on Graves model)