Time designing versus time management – POMODORI TECHNIQUE

Time designing versus time management – POMODORI TECHNIQUE

Everyone who has ever tried to manage his time will have experienced again and again that no matter what he does the day has therefore always only 24 hours. Regardless of what he is doing, every highly motivated manager has not yet managed to get a minute more for a day.

From this we now have the knowledge that time can not be managed.

The Good News: We can decide for ourselves how to design our time!

Knowing how we use our time and to employ for projects we can not only improve efficiency, but also create a higher value of the time for ourselves.

Especially the working world is here tricky with the telephone, which constantly rings, with the e-mail Box, that constantly informs us that again a message has been received, the colleague who urgently needs an answer and a team member, that sets up a meeting on short notice.
And already the working day has passed and we have not the feeling a valuable contribution has been delivered.

I am a great friend of small steps and small measures that promise a lasting success if we are only consistently enough to keep ourselves to our own projects.

How do you get it now that you can finish every working day with the sentence “I’ve done well today”?
For the beginning, I would simply recommend the Pomodori technique. This time management method goes back to the Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo, who once used a kitchen timer in tomato form – a Pomodoro – for his method.

It is not necessary to have a Pomodoro kitchen timer because the timer function on the mobile phone has the same effect in the meantime.Every day you choose a task (recommended an important task, which requires concentration and increased attention), which you dedicate yourself for 25 min.

In the preparation it is therefore important, that the mobile phone is changed to flight mode, the phone on not-disturbing and the email account is closed. This ensures, to a large extent, that you will not be distracted for 25 minutes.Then start the task you have chosen, and in these 25 minutes, you will only focus on this single challenge and you let yourself not be distracted. You know you will be reminded after 25 minutes by your timer that the time is up, and after that you are again available to everyone.

I am sure, you will be amazed how much you have accomplished in these 25 minutes, because you have only concentrated on ONE task and therefore achieved a higher output.

Of course you can extend this 25 min to 60 min.If you’ve really managed to dedicate yourself to a single task for 25 minutes, then you are for sure able to focus on a job for a longer time, or after a 5 minute break, you can add a new 25min working unit.

Time designing is therefore the high art of using the time at our disposal in a valuable form.

I am looking forward to your feedback, which successes you have achieved through the use of this simple and simple method.

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